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Cathy Stingley has been teaching HANDLE for 20 years in many parts of the world.  She is the senior HANDLE Instructor, American and European Regional Education Director, member of the HANDLE Board of Directors and owner of Thoughtful Therapies in Homer, Alaska.  She plays fiddle and loves her time with her grandchildren.


Cathy sees clients at the 307 East Northern Lights Blvd, Suite 201 location on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only


HANDLE® Introductory (Level 1) Course Description

Anchorage, Alaska August 6, 2016 8am-5pm at the Anchorage Waldorf School

“I am seriously impressed. This work touches the nerve of virtually everything taking place in our current cultural crisis of childhood.”                       -   Joseph Chilton Pearce, author: Magical Child, & other books

Ø  This course will forever change your strategies when approaching learning, social and behavioral challenges!

Ø  You will begin to interpret the real reasons for behaviors and understand causes of learning difficulties, inefficiency or stress.

Ø  You will learn how body and brain work together and how the environment may influence human functioning.

Ø  You will leave with tools and knowledge to apply in everyday situations.

Ø  You will see yourself and others through non-judgmental eyes that will open new doors of possibility!

Ø  You will have made the first step toward the possibility of becoming a HANDLE provider.

The course begins the process of exploring how irregularities in neurological and developmental systems relate to perplexing behaviors and dysfunction and gives a taste of HANDLE interventions.

Course Content: 

§   Understanding the HANDLE principles and their application

§  The science of how stress affects learning and quality of life

§  Understanding how nutrition and good health enhance our abilities

§   Learning to notice signs of stress and intervene before the consequences manifest

§   Discovering how our quality of life and abilities are affected by internal and external environment

§   Learning about Gentle Enhancement® and the meaning of “innocent assault”


HANDLE Activities for enhancing learning and human potential

Learn 5 HANDLE Activities.

Explore a wide range of variations and applications for each of the activities.

Learn examples of HANDLE in action.


Most often stated feedback following HANDLE courses:  “Everyone should know this!”

Suggested Reading:

·      The Churkendoose Anthology by Judith Bluestone, Founder of HANDLE(available on amazon.com or www.handle.org)

·      The Fabric of Autism, Weaving the Threads into a Cogent Theory, by Judith Bluestone, (available on amazon.com or www.handle.org


For more information and to register for HANDLE courses: 

 handleofhomer@yahoo.com          -- 907-235-6226  --