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The clinicians who work at Changing Tides, LLC specialize in the treatment of trauma.  Because trauma is an experience, and not an event, the reprocusions of trauma can result in a number of symptoms which have become a focus of our practice.  Each person's experience of trauma can result in a different expression of the resulting pain, depending upon personality, other stresses in the person's life at the time of the trauma, and the support or lack of support experienced by the individual, as well as other mitigating factors.  These expressions and resulting treatment focuses include attachment difficulties, eating disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, depression, anxiety, and self injurious behaviors, sexual and relationship problems, panic attacks, flashbacks, and phobias, and harm to others.  Sometimes, trauma symptoms are mis-diagnosed as ADHD, BiPolar Disorder, OCD, and psychosis.  These can also be co-morbid diagnoses.  However, if the underlying trauma isn't addressed and treated, the symptoms will not abate, and the individual will continue to have difficulty in interpersonal relationships, daily functioning, self regulation and calming. 

Changing Tides offers individual, couples and family therapy, and, occassionally groups.  We also offer trainings, consultation and supervision for therapists. 

Agency or Community Consultation and Training and Professional Presentations                                                                                  :

Kimber Olson, our Clinical Director greatly enjoys working with other professionals who are striving to learn, gain support, and enrich their own understanding of themselves and others.  To this end, she has provided a number of different trainings, and is willing to consult with individuals or organizations to develop unique, custom trainings to fit a particular need.  Below is a (non-inclusive) listing of various topics that she have presented  in the past.

  • Treating the self-wounding adolescent
  • Assessment and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders
  • Understanding and Treating Dissociation in Children and Adolescents
  • Understanding eating disorders
  • Professional ethics in rural and tribal settings
  • Attachment disturbances and rcomplex developmental trauma
  • Attachment, Trauma and DIssociation in children and adults
  • Working with parents who have a history of childhood maltreatment
  • Maintaining empathy for the difficult client
  • Understanding childhood sexual abuse
  • Treating sexual abuse and sexual assault
  • Sexually aggressive youth
  • Physically aggressive youth
  • Vicarous trauma
  • Community healing from child sexual abuse
  • Self protective mechanisms and why we should honor them
  • Creative, comtemporary, and traditional treatment strategies for PTSD
  • Engaging the whole mind when treating trauma
  • Impact therapy and experiential exercises for treating angry and traumatized children

"Go forward with courage...When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward in courage. So long as mists envelop you, be still; be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists-as it surely will. Then act with courage."  -Ponca Chief White Eagle