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Blue Mountains

Trauma & Dissociation

Current Trainings:  

Standard Part 2 - Anchorage, AK - Kimber Olson, LCSW, BCD - Starting May 2016 - Register Now!

Child and Adolescent- Anchorage, AK - Kimber Olson, LCSW, BCD - Starting June 2016 - Register Now!


Kimber Olson speaks with KSKA Line One Host Prentiss Pemberton about Disorganized Attachment and Dissociation:

Kimber on the Trauma Therapist Podcast:

Olga Truijillo talks about Dissociative Identity Disorder:

For information about trauma and children, I recommend the following resources:

Support and education services in Anchorage: Alaska Youth and Family Network at or 770-4979

For adults:

Bessel van der Kolk podcast on NPR:

Support and education services:  NAMI Anchorage or 272-0227